Custom Oregon Shores Coast Map Now on Sale

A specially designed map of the Oregon coast, focusing on conservation and public access, is now on sale.  Oregon Shores collaborated with Raven Maps to create this custom, high-quality map of the entire Oregon coastal region.  The project was initiated to honor the 50th anniversary of the Oregon Beach Bill in 2017, and was initially offered for $125.

In celebrating the CoastWatch program’s 25th anniversary, though, we reduced the cost to $110, where it remains, all the more affordable.

The map highlights the location of each and every Oregon State Park property along the shoreline, along with Oregon's marine reserves, federal wildlife refuges, and other key federal conservation lands. Topography is shown in shaded relief, and a color scheme indicates land cover types including forest, wetland, built/developed land, cultivated land, and grassland.

This is not a map you fold up and stuff in your glove compartment.  It is a work of cartographic art. The map is printed at a size of 22 x 50 inches, including 1.75 inch margins to allow for framing. This size will fit on most any door, or will look beautiful on your wall -- in addition to providing a handy, detailed reference to the geography and key public sites on the Oregon coast.

The map is now available for order, either to help you keep your eye on the coast, or as a beautiful gift for your coast-loving friends and relatives.